Homepage of John M. Nunley

Welcome to my website! I am an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (UW-L) with interests in the following general areas: labor economics, economics of the family and experimental economics. I am working on a number of different research project currently, including a series of papers on the labor-market opportunities facing recent and newly-minted college graduates, whether and to what extent peer retirement behavior influences individual retirement timing, whether the marriage earnings premium varies across birth cohorts, and whether the move to joint child custody affected labor mobility and, hence, earnings.

I teach courses in the general area of microeconomics and econometrics. I typically teach two sections of Microeconomics and Public Policy (Eco 110) each semester and one course from the following list: Introduction to Econometrics (Eco 307), Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis (Eco 308), or Labor Economics (Eco 330). I plan to offer a course on industrial organization in the future (Eco 303).